Biodanza Sistema Rolando Toro

The crisis of our time seems to be a crisis of a way of perceiving, a crisis of sensitivity.

The man who lives in the city in particular, is full of obligations and duties and is subjected to a distorted dimension of time because of the constant acceleration that seems to trap him in a “race” of life.

Stress, the invisible enemy, is part of our lives and is known by a variety of names: fatigue, irritation, stress, insomnia, depression, etc., etc.

I wonder what quality our act can have, so fast and frenetic, not at all connected to the original feeling? What is the quality of our life without contact with natural and organic rhythms?

Where have we lost the sensitivity that we understand when we need to rest or move more flexibly, or even when we need warmth and human contact?

It is a long time since we gave all the privileges to spiritual knowledge, to reason, losing the link with the soul of the things of living beings.

Biodanza/Biochore focuses on reversing this tendency, restoring the experience of the body and prioritizing sensitivity. It is possible to dance through life itself, feeling the integrity of our being, in harmony with others and the environment. An attempt to empirically harmonize the relationship between nature and culture. It is also an opportunity to let go of our perceptions and emotions.

Not only do we need food and sleep, money and a home, we also need friendship, love, joy, the ability to express ourselves and communicate.

What corresponds to our needs and (gesture).

The Biodanza System seeks the natural gestures that emanate from the deep honest movement and expression of ourselves

The path to health is achieved through the expression of our basic potentials, which for Biodanza are: vitality, sexuality, affection, creativity and transcendence.

The creator and founder of Biodanza is Professor Rolando Toro Araneda. Psychologist and anthropologist, born in Chile April 19, 1924. He has been a University Professor with the Chair of Psychology of Art and Expression at the Institute of Aesthetics of the Pontifical University of Chile and at the Centre for the Study of Medical Anthropology of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Chile. Honorary Professor at the University of Buenos Aires and San Paolo. Professor Rolando Toro drew his inspiration from the sources of anthropology and ethology. He conducted research on expanding the subconscious and creativity. He was also a poet and painter. He has held painting exhibitions and published books on art, poetry and psychotherapy. He lived for many years in Europe, in Northern Italy. President of the International Biocentric Foundation (I.B.F. - International Biocentric Foundation). He lived in Chile where he directed and coordinated Biodanza's activities around the world. He passed away on 16 February 2010.

According to Professor Rolando Toro, creator of the Biodanza system, genetic potential is expressed through these five functions, common to all, which evolve and are related to each other through the experiences we have in our early childhood and which we forget as we grow up, but which mark our behaviour and our existential health for the rest of our lives.

Vitality is related to the first experiences of movement and the sense of vital energy.

Sexuality is directly related to the caresses and the quality of physical contact we received.

Creativity depends on the degree of freedom of the child in "exploring" the world and on the renewal of life itself. Affection depends on the feeling of security and nurturing conveyed by the one we turned to as babies.

Transcendence depends on experiencing feelings of existential harmony and participation in the wider environment.Individuals develop all five of these basic functions throughout their lives. Several, however, develop some more at the expense of others. Biodanza encourages those functions that are less developed, so that at a later stage they can be integrated and merge harmoniously with the others, creating a healthy whole.

Definition: Bios = Life / Danza = (integrated movement) dance BIODANZA = DANCE OF LIFE

In Biodanza this is achieved through the “lived experience” that we call vivencia

The word “vivencia” defines the intensely experienced moment, providing the emotions with the immediate existential quality of experiencing the “here and now”.

The term vivencia refers to a psychophysical state of complete integrity with oneself, one’s surroundings and the environment one is experiencing at the moment.

The word “emotion” means to move, that is, to move. For example, when we jump around encouraged by joyful live music we are in a “vivencia” of vitality and similarly when we sway to the sound of a sweet melody we experience a vivencia of tenderness and affection.

The music represents the stimulus for the exercise/dance and leads to the expression of an emotion that is inherent in the movement.

The Group (Group)

Biodanza is not done in isolation. The presence of a group allows its members to feel protected, to share with others their difficulties, their desires and their desire for change. Thus, existential maturation occurs together with others, within human society, and not in isolation.

Mechanisms of Action
  • Consolidation of Emotion – Movement
  • Reactivation of Instinctive Powers
  • Expression of Identity

Biodanza is not done in isolation. The existence of a group allows its members to feel protected, to be able to share with others their difficulties, their desires and their desire for change. Thus, existential maturation takes place together with others, within human society and not in isolation.

Presentation evenings

They are organized every two or three months and are the first contact with Biodanza. They are held in the afternoon-evening and consist of a first theoretical part and a second practical part (movement exercises). They are intended to become a first acquaintance and test of Biodanza.

Weekly sections

They are held one night every week. The constant and regular rhythm of the meetings gives everyone time to integrate the new experiences and try them out in everyday life. Their purpose is to progressively strengthen basic functions for existential self-sufficiency. During the weekly meetings we delve into the specific characteristics through continuous monitoring of development.

Periodic Seminars / Stage

Thanks to the more time available, the seminars give the opportunity to get closer to the encounter with ourselves, with each other and with nature. It is an interlude in everyday life that allows us to "listen" to ourselves and express ourselves more fully and freely. The seminars take place over a weekend.

Personal Interview

In case of possible difficulties in relation to the experiential experiences during the meetings, the possibility of special support is offered as an aid to the personal maturation and improvement that occurs during the practice of Biodanza.

Biodanza’s proposal is : Vivencia… Music… movement… expression… transmission… dissemination!

Biodanza offers the possibility to live the world differently.

It is placed in a potential of openness where each person is close to another, in a unique experience of life, without framing a “model” of movement or communication of “so it must be”, it simply extrudes an “experiential experience” that brings to light the embodiment of an authentic gesture of each of us.

Through the meeting the relationship is directly activated, living open to so many possibilities.

Biodanza, as a system of human development, aims at “expressive identity, emotional integrity and organic renewal” .

Other objects :

  • Broadening the perception of ourselves and the world
  • Moral consciousness

Main object of Biodanza

The expression of identity

Identity is the sum of all the qualitative existential elements of a person that make him unique and irreplaceable.

Identity is created at the moment of conception (genetic potential/biological genesis of identity) and environmental stimuli or ecofactors are considered necessary elements for the manifestation of this potential material.

Identity is manifested in the presence of the other (the neighbor). The other stimulates or inhibits the expression of the potential (there is no individual Biodanza).

Identity is expressed in 5 axes of vivencia-experientiality ( vitality, affectivity, sexuality, creativity, transcendence) that vary differentiated by ecofactors.

The expressive Identity allows the outcome of all cases of existential incoherence and generates happiness.

The Biodanza methodological system

In the Biodanza methodology the following levels are developed:

  • Cellular rejuvenation
  • Immunological
  • Homeostatic
  • Kinetics
  • Affectionate
  • Copyright
  • Existential
  • Solidarity
  • Contact
  • Quality of life
  • Conscience
  • Moral Conscience

Biodanza is nowadays gaining more and more friends all over the world. Schools of Biodanza already exist in many countries of the North, Central & South America, Canada, Australia, Australia, South Africa as well as in Europe Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Greece. Schools are being established in Japan, Israel, Hawaii and other countries are already in the process of being established.